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Antigravity H7/Group 94R Lithium Car Battery w/Re-Start

Antigravity H7/Group 94R Lithium Car Battery w/Re-Start

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Amp Hours

The H7 can be had up to 80Ah for cars with lots of amp draw, electronics or sees extended cold weather.  We recommend nothing smaller than the 40Ah battery with the 60Ah battery being ideal.  A lithium ion battery needs fewer amp hours due to greatly reduced internal resistance.  

Weight loss for the 40Ah is 45 pounds and 42 pounds for the 60Ah over the OEM battery.  It's almost the equivalent of your car's weight with a full tank vs. an empty tank.

40Ah  15 pounds

60Ah 18 pounds

80Ah 22 pounds (estimate)

This battery also features a built-in jump start feature which shuts down the battery in the event voltage drops to a pre-determined level.  The battery will have enough amperage to start the vehicle by pressing the restart button on the included remote key fob.  Never ask for a jump again!

Choose a lithium ion-specific charger along with a comfort harness which makes connecting the charger to the battery more convenient by placing it in an easy to access area.  It'll simply plug right in, no alligator clips needed.

We also offer a really unique Bluetooth battery monitor which allows you to access the battery's condition in real time from your smart phone.  Highly recommended!

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